Till The Last Breath By Durjoy Dutta

Book Name : Till The Last Breath (Romance)

Author : Durjoy Dutta

Ratings : 4 Out of 5 Star

Book Review:

Let’s See the Characters :

1. Pihu Malhotra :
I imagined her as someone slightly chubby and happy girl. Always smiling widely and hiding her sobs and cries over fits of laughter. She was imperfect but as the saying goes perfect in her imperfections.

Her ‘full-of-life’ attitude is something which gave me life whenever my throat swells up and tears threatened to spill out of my eyes.

Her and Arman’s love story was heart touching. The way he used to smile around her and keep her happy. The flirting on surface level and those heartbeat skipping moments were highlight.

Her last moments are described as:
Pihu passed away on operating table, lying on her side with her back cut open and smile pasted on her face. It was painless.

Pihu emerges as a strong character in book followed by Zarah.

2. Dr. Arman Kashyap :
Arrogant, aloof, pretentious, egoistic are some words that describes Dr. Arman perfectly but the twist in his character when he meets Pihu is pretty surprising. Angry young man is another word which describes perfectly.

Arman and Pihu when together were adorable piece of human. Again, Arman and Pihu’s surface flirting was what kept me in senses. Some of the dialogues of Arman will make you weep immediately. Like before Pihu was taken in for her last operation he bends down and whisper, “I love you, my beautiful life.” And when he gives Pihu his grandmother’s chain, which was supposed to be for his wife. So it do indicate that Arman was in love with Pihu.

Arman told Zarah that he was sure that Pihu smiled at him long after her heart rate dropped and her lifeline drew flat line in monitor and the doctors failed to revive her. *Wipes my tears*

In last chapter there were points where I wish Pihu would’ve suffered a miraculous recovery. Like:
– Arman stayed in Morgue Room by Pihu’s cold casket because Pihu was afraid of dark.

3. Dushyant : 
Drug addict save by some miracle. And that miracle was no one other than Pihu. They were roommates. Room No. 509.

Dushyant oblivious to all happening around him, was into smoking drugs, iodex and nail polish remover. Did I said sex was also a part of his personality? No? Point that.

Rude, egoistic and audacious were some words that can describe him. But once Dushyant realise that Pihu and he are in same boat, he makes an initiative to better his relations with Pihu.

When Pihu slips in bathroom Dushyant help her and when she was about to die, he resurrects her back to life. Pihu helps him by calling nurses at right time when he puked blood. So their score was 2-1. Dushyant desperately needed donation of liver for him to survive.

When Pihu dies, after 15 days Dushyant finds a note on her bed, saying:

“You were best roommate ever. Now we’re 2-2. Don’t waste it.”

Pihu donates her liver to Dushyant, so their score was 2-2, when she finally leaves earth for heaven.

4. Zarah Mirza : 
A rape victim, strong and bitter about men. Her stained relationship with her father was highlight of her part in book.

Her and Dushyant’s chemistry was something that was applaudable. It was obvious that Zarah developed some feelings for Dushyant and their story was sort of incomplete at the end.

5. Kajal Khurana :
Lost and still searching for what her hearts want she is portrayed as a girl who is still unknown go what she wants. She later leaves for literature or journalism, London.

4 characters and 4 life styles and one unforgettable story

Love + Cry + Lough = Till The Last Breath



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